LOUIS is - at base - a cannabis marketing business. We use a distributed sales model (direct sales) to bring market available and proprietary products to our clients. We believe this channel is a perfect match for this product and our customers at this time. LOUIS is the right channel at the right time offering education, trust, consistency, and a great alternative to girls-nite-out.

Direct Sales Businesses Exist On A Spectrum

And It All Starts With Her

 Avon, over 134 years in direct sales, grew their consultant base 375% in the first months of the pandemic.

Our Vision

Monthly Sub-box The Answer To Churn

Distributed sales can suffer from high churn rates. The #1  reason a consultants churn out of the business is fatigue because even gig-selling can have its ups and downs. For this reason, LOUIS will offer customers an auto-ship subscription box like our aspirational peers  MONAT and R&F. The purpose of this box is to create ease for the customer, reliability in our revenue model, and consistency in the consultants' commission.