because men and women do cannabis differently... 

a better way to sell cannabis to women

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Smiling Friends
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get high

sleep, relief, unwind


women want something more 

Women want a cannabis shopping experience that is easy, trusted, informative, and relevant to her. They want to talk about the benefits, the dosage, the effect and they want to do it discreetly. 

They don’t want to stand in line at a dispensary waiting to ask a male budtender what he would recommend for raging hormones, dry vaginas, inflammation, stress and so on. 

That's what girlfriends are for!

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79% are interested in cannabis but don't know where to start

78% are looking for more information about the health & wellness benefits of cannabis

66% don't want to go to a  dispensary because of the perceived stigma

62% do not have a trusted source of information or product 

the fastest growing market segment in cannabis

Last year brought +92% year over year growth in female cannabis consumption. However, female purchasing saw little to no increase. Why is there disparate growth? Most women won't go to a dispensary because it is designed for an experienced male cannabis user looking to get high. LOUIS will monetize the gap and harness the purchasing power of the explosive female cannabis segment. Our team of trusted Advisors help women navigate the world of cannabis by sharing their expertise on the health and wellness benefits of cannabis together with  a custom curated cannabis selection just for them in a comfortable, convenient and discreet setting. 


direct sales:
an enduring channel with serious economic power uniquely positioned to fuel rapid growth

more trusted  than a dispensary:

A personal, informed experience affords a greater level of comfort and confidence yielding higher conversion rates and cart values than other sales channels. 

more enduring than affiliates: 

The professional development, team culture, and leadership opportunity, builds a powerful, sustainable sales network invested in the success of the company. 

warmer than eCommerce: 

Friends create loyalty that results in more frequent repeat purchasing rates and increased retention on recurring revenue.

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We are currently raising seed funds. We would love to tell you more about investing in LOUIS.