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custom curated cannabis especially for women

We can't wait to share our whole cannabis edibles, beverages, tinctures, lotions and potions that 

can soften the impact of stress, support better sleep, alleviate painful inflammation, or help you unwind without the calories or the hangover and more...


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We are now.

After years of battling sleepless nights and zombie days, of trying everything from changing our diets to sleeping pills to holistic night rituals, we finally found the perfect, totally natural, non addictive, way to fall and stay asleep .


Umm, yes, daily.

Living your best life isn't easy...wait, wtf?!?

Seriously, even the good days can be challenging. How to release the stress and carry on? Worry not!

Sister, we are here with help that's gonna rock your world for the better.

me? stressed?