LOUIS believes in data-driven decisions. We had a great idea and set out to understand if it translated in execution. Could we hit the AOV we needed to hit our revenue plan and attract reps to the business? Would moms really invite their friends over for a LOUIS party?  Could we actually recruit reps? Would anyone really want a monthly delivery? 

The answer:  yes, yes, yes, yes. 

Proof Of Concept KPI

Proof Of Concept Summary

The foundational questions of any direct sales company are...

Can you bring in new consultants regularly?  Virality 

Can she earn back her investment in a reasonable time?  Authenticity 

Can she grow her sales network through additional home parties?  Integrity 

Can you retain the reps by offering respectable commission dollars ($500/mo)?   Economy  

Will your AOV support this commission while contributing to the bottom line?  Viability 

And, yes, we are as addicted to NPS as the next guys. 

The Results

While we were at it, we wanted to make sure we were hitting our target. We learned and pivoted and expanded our target from 25-65 (this is a psycho-graphic, our beta clients ranged from 25-80+) based on where we saw stickiness.

And then we found out what products she was interested in and changed our product selection from heavily edibles and vaping to more health and wellness, sublingual, and beverages.