a new way to talk about cannabis

We train LOUIS Advisors to share their expertise to help women navigate the abundance of choices on the market to find the right products to meet their specific needs. From sleep support to wine replacement, our Advisors are here to answer all your questions and guide your selection process. 

Advisors work with women whenever and wherever it is mutually convenient and comfortable, whether it is a private event or one on one, in person or online, we make it easy. 

your business
on your schedule

We honor the fortitude, perseverance, and grit of our foremothers who fought to show the world we can both nurture and provide.


LOUIS Advisors have total freedom to work when it works for you.  A flexible schedule is the number one reason women come to independent work opportunities, i.e. the flourishing "gig economy". When you are your own boss you set your own hours. 

a true meritocracy with
unlimited earning potential

Your success is entirely in your control. The more you sell the more you earn. 

LOUIS is committed to a merit based workplace, inclusive for all who celebrate their feminine spirit, where compensation and advancement are based on performance. 

There are no politics here. 

There are no gender, age, racial, religious or other biases of any kind here. 



We are launching a beta program in the bay area and we would love to tell you more about it.