LOUIS combines the power of the gig economy with the nascent (and booming) cannabis industry to create the perfect company for women in search of cannabis products.

 We are by women, for women. 

We believe the right channel to grab this market is direct sales.

We did a proof of concept and proved it. 

LOUIS is raising  $2.5m in seed funding.

Interested? Contact us we'd love to hear from you. 

The Idea Sparked

When California passed the legal adult recreational use of cannabis, LOUIS founder Meg Boynton wondered why she and her female friends were not flooding into dispensaries to reconnect with fond experiences from youth. She was hearing about the health and wellness benefits for women and, yet, when she asked friends she found a common thread. “I'm not a stoner," and "I'm not sure what to even get", lastly, "who has time to become an expert in one more thing?”

Meg Boynton spent the last 7 years building a direct sales organization, learning the alchemy of the channel, and how potent it can be when matched with the perfect product.

Jenny Orser, a longtime entrepreneur, and retail veteran brings marketing, merchandising, and e-commerce leadership across lifestyle brands both early and established. In addition to her decades of DTC experience, she has spent her most recent years leading B2B2C efforts in the Direct Sales channel.

We are founding LOUIS a direct sales cannabis company.

Direct sales is a powerful channel, with exponential growth potential and a viral quality unmatched in e-commerce or storefront. It’s the perfect channel for a product that requires guidance or expertise. Cannabis for women is precisely this product. 

Not only is the channel a true retail disruptor, particularly in our changing environment as newer better models emerge to meet workers' and consumers' needs. But it also enables and empowers women to achieve the dream of balance while enjoying an income. 

LOUIS is a premium lifestyle brand focused on cannabis and specially curated cannabis accessories, sold exclusively through a personal consultant.

And The Research Proved There Is a Blue Ocean Opportunity

LOUIS will… 


  • Monetize the gap between women who consume and women who purchase cannabis products.


  • Capture the fastest growing cannabis segment, women, via the most personal and trusted sales channel, her friends.


  • Leverage the momentum of the gig economy to recruit and retain top consultants.  

Product + Channel + Need =  Perfect 

After helping to build a direct sales organization and learning the power of the channel: exponential growth, the viral quality unmatched in e-commerce or brick & mortar, the perfect channel for a product that requires guidance or expertise - and, seeing how potent the channel can be when matched with the perfect product - Meg realized she had found the perfect need + product + channel match and founded LOUIS.

LOUIS is a consultant guided and curated cannabis channel. For women who are canna-curious, who are already engaged but want a more tailored experience or who left cannabis years ago and want to come back.

In a digital group or home party setting the consultant walks a group of friends through what cannabis is: from discussing the endocannabinoid system to highlighting the health and wellness benefits, to understanding the individuals' wants and needs. The consultant then curates and educates her customers. She is their trusted source. 

Great Idea Right?!

We agree!

So we ran a self-funded proof of concept test. The results proved we were on to something.

Our intention was to prove out the tent poles of the model.

We asked, "Will ladies come to a cannabis party?", "What will the AOV be?", "Will they want to join the business?", "Do current digital regulations help or hinder the process?" The results are extraordinarily promising with an AOV of $180, 30% subscribe rate, 30% join rate, and a 63 NPS, and finding the lack of digital helped the model - LOUIS is LIT!

(and that is the only time we will make a 420 pun)

Let's Do This! 

LOUIS is seeking $2.5m In seed funding for launch. Funding will enable us to bring in a lean team, invest in inventory, and provide for launch activities.

Why is It Called LOUIS?