we created LOUIS because cannabis radically changed our lives for the better


Everyone is talking about how cannabis can soften the impact of stress, support better sleep, alleviate painful inflammation, help you unwind without the calories or the hangover and more. 
But, you have questions...

What works best? 
How will it affect you? 

How much do you take?

You are not alone. We felt exactly the same way. So, we spent three years obsessively researching, testing and editing what worked for us, what didn't and why.

The result, an assortment of cannabis products custom curated for women.  


Want to be in the know about our upcoming product launch?

custom curated cannabis

& captivating conversations 

I mean what are girlfriends for?!?

LOUIS Advisors are an unflappable, unconditionally supportive tribe of soul sisters, mothers, daughters and all people who identify as female.  

A team of passionate pioneers, they are first to bring whole cannabis to this enduring, empowering channel.

Our  Advisors earn an income by introducing the benefits of cannabis to and sharing our custom curated selection of products with the women in their lives.